How to Properly Clean Makeup Brushes

How to properly clean your makeup brushes:

Make up helps us cover up some little imperfections on our skin, making us the best version of us there can be.  But, if your brushes are dirty, you run the risk of them clogging your pores with residue left behind.  
The first step to keeping your brushes clean is picking up a daily brush cleaner and spritzing it on your brushes after each use. You should be deep cleaning your brushes once a week.  ( your brushes will need a few hours to dry after a deep cleaning, so I’d recommend washing them after you’ve applied your makeup that day.)

Step 1:  Wet the bristles

Be sure to wet the bristles below the brush handle.  Constant exposure to water will weaken the glue that holds the bristles in, eventually ruining your brush.

Step 2: Gently massage in soap

Swish your brush around in a bowl of mild cleanser(baby shampoo or cleansing shampoo work best)  massaging gently into the tip of the brush, making sure not to get water and soap above the brush handle line.  If you have more than one brush, set each one aside after swishing in the soap.
  • If you have really sensitive skin, using your own facial cleanser to wash your brushes may be best.

Step 3: Rinse

Rinse soap from brushes. Again, be sure to stay below brush handle line.

Step 4: Squeeze water out

Gently press on the bristles with your fingers to release excess water.  

Step 5:  Let it dry

Lay all brushes flat on a towel(paper or fabric) overnight and let them air dry.
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