What My Clients Have To Say


Karen S.

I investigated various aestheticians in the Staunton area and based upon the description of services offered, product information and testimonials on Cynthia Sterrett's website, decided to give her a try - I am so glad that I did! I am 64 years old and it had been engrained in me at an early age that good skin care was essential to peace of mind and body.  In addition to my daily regimen, professional facials have also been a part of my skin care routine.  Previously, I had scheduled monthly facials at a franchised massage/skin care spa, but when my usual aesthetician left, I was forced to seek an alternate service.  On my first visit, before beginning my facial, Cynthia performed a thorough evaluation of my skin, and also recorded details of any health-related issues which could impact the skin's condition. I've committed my skin to Cynthia's care for over 4 years now.  With periodic European facials and follow-up with the products which Cynthia supports, I love my skin and have become make-up free!  To echo one of Cynthia's expressions, my skin looks and feels "radiant!"  Cynthia is totally professional, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about skin care.  Unlike the franchises which offer standardized treatment, Cynthia offers custom skin care targeting individual concerns, along with her own recommendations to improve the tone and texture of your skin.  The decor of Cynthia's treatment room, combined with the soothing instrumental background music provides the perfect atmosphere for the relaxing and rejuvenating experience you are about to encounter.  We all need a little pampering now and then, and Cynthia Sterrett Skin Care is definitely the "go to" place.

Brenna L.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my facial! You’re very good at what you do. Your treatment room is beautiful and soothing, and your manner is absolutely lovely. My skin still looks noticeably brighter and healthier over a week later! In my career it’s extremely important for me to appear polished and poised, and my facial definitely contributed to that. Even more importantly, though, it helped me to relax and unwind during a stressful week. Thank you for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Clarke S.

This is my curse. HEAVY beard and SENSITIVE skin. I dreaded shaving and would often go 4-5 days without just to save myself the razor burn and rashes that would follow. I finally gave up and just grew a beard. All that it required was occasional trimming and edging. Summers are hot and I am also hot natured so I needed to shave after a couple of years. I knew that I would suffer for it and I did. Thankfully my wife knew Cynthia Sterrett who came to my rescue. She introduced me to the Academie Men’s line of AM Easy Shave gel and Moisturizing Balm. I was a bit of a skeptic at her claim that it would reduce irritation (a typical commercial claim) and prevent nicks (see previous parenthesis). I thought the moisturizer might help a bit though. I was wrong on both counts. My face feels great after a shave and moisturizing and more importantly my skin looks healthy too. Thank you Cynthia, you are a lifesaver…and a face saver.

Krista W.

When I first met Cynthia I was 53 years old, had enjoyed a high powered career in New York City which certainly provided for as much pampering as I desired, but somehow I just never got around to it. If I had ever even HAD a facial I didn't remember it. So I was a little dubious about regular facials, but she seemed quite professional and heaven knows, we all want to look younger. Today, 7 years later, she is still taking excellent care of my skin. I have a facial every few weeks and I think everyone should...with Cynthia, that is. Her advice is straightforward. Her professionalism is unwavering. The atmosphere of her treatment room is soothing. The facials themselves are at the same time invigorating and soothing. When I leave my skin feels radiant and my spirit is renewed. And often the results cause my husband to tell me I look wonderful, even at age 60! Who wouldn't want that every few weeks??? Cynthia Sterrett is a keeper!

Cynthia has helped me have skin that friends tell me how good it looks at age 63. Cynthia's expert knowledge and products have greatly improved my skin. I am able to go without make up without feeling self conscious.

Linda B.

Cynthia Sterrett Skin Care is an experience..... of being cared for and cared about in a lovely, relaxing environment.
For over two years I have benefitted from the wonderfully relaxing European Facials and skin care products. Both have made a visible contribution to the health and texture of my skin. I am especially pleased that those fine lines that appear in our 60's can be lessened by the skin care system I have been using. I have also given gift certificates to a dear friend to enjoy Cynthia's facials and caring professionalism. Thank you!

Patricia W.