Characteristics of Dry Skin

When it comes to skin ccomplexion there are a few broad terms that are used: Normal, Oily, Dry, and Combination Skin. Each one of these skin types creates challenges and requires a specific skin care program to effectively soothe the skin creating a youthful glow.

Dry skin tends to have these characteristics:
  •     Enlarged pores: Can you see the pores on your face? Dry skin sufferers can generally distinguish the pores on their face because they are enlarged and visible.
  •     Dry patches: Individuals with dry skin have dry patches that seem to repel hydration of any kind. Lotions don’t seem to help and cleansers make it worse. These dry patches can also be red and uncomfortable.
  •     Dull complexion: Lacking a glow or luster to your face could be an indication of dry skin. Individuals with dry skin have less oil production causing the lack of a natural glow.
  •     Elasticity: Your skin may feel tight to your face. Dry skin is not healthy skin you need to oils for healthy skin production and rejuvenation.

Could this be your skin? Here are some ways to help your dry skin and put your best face forward:

Avoid heat: Long HOT showers will dry your skin out more. When showering keep it short and use warm water to wash your face.
Exfoliants can irritate: Just because you have dry skin does not mean you should exfoliate. This process if rough and meant to remove dead skin cells not undernourished live skin cells.
Lotions: Hydration is key with dry skin! Be careful! Many lotions have ingredients that will burn irritated skin. Ask your aesthetician for guidance.
Monthly facials: Sufferers of dry skin can benefit immensely from monthly facials because they promote healthy cellular regrowth.
Your skin type will change as you age, and fluctuates with stress. Don’t go through these changes alone. #CynthiaSterrettSkinCare is here to help you with a customized skin care program.

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