Characteristics of Oily Skin

What kind of skin do you have? Normal, Oily, Dry or combination? These broad classifications can help you to create a skin care program. Classifying your skin type will help your esthetician create a overall skin care routine that will leave you with healthy glowing skin and reduce the frequency of adult acne.

Here are the characteristics of Oily Skin.

Visible Pores: Individuals with Oily skin tend to have large visible pores. The overproduction of oils is what causes the pores to be enlarged.
Shininess: Due the extra oil production the face will appear shiny.
Acne: Oily skin not only increases the chances of acne on the face but can cause acne on the back and other places on the body.

If these characteristics sound like your skin here are some skin care tips you can try:

Many people when they see a blackhead, pimple or clogged pore will pick trying to remove the ailment. This does more harm than good because it brings bacteria into the pore.

Daily cleansing: Cleaning your face is crucial for individuals with oily skin. By cleaning your face daily you are helping to remove the excess oils and decrease the chances of acne.

Monthly facials with a skin care program: Monthly facials are a great way to remove excess oil, dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. Working with an esthetician that understands your skin care needs will make facials a beneficial treatment. Aestheticians can answer your questions about cleansers, foundations and other beauty products to ensure that you have a skin health care system that works.
Oily skin can be difficult to manage. Excess oil has a tendency to clog pores which form pimples or painful infected pores. Build a skin care team with #CynthiaSterrettSkinCare where I can help you create a lasting skin care routine.

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