Common Skin Problems for Teens

When it comes to being a teenager acne is part of the territory. Many teens expect it and suffer through the unsightly and painful pimples. But you don’t have to! Many products are harsh on the skin and end up making teen skin worse! What you need is a consistent regimen that caters to your EXACT needs. Everyone is different and so should your skin care! Here is what you should do to start your journey to healthy, PAIN FREE skin:

Schedule an appointment with an esthetician: Estheticians are trained to look deeper than the surface to see the underlying issues.
Listen and Learn: A dedicated esthetician will help you create a routine to keep your skin healthy and pain free even with the excess oils purging from your skin due to hormones.
Follow the regimen you and your esthetician come up with. Your should have a daily morning routine, evening routine and scheduled exfolications. Remember you shouldn’t exfoliate more than TWICE a week. This does more harm than good.
Follow up: Monthly facials are a great way for your esthetician to get a good look at your skin! They can work to unblock pores and adjust your regimen as needed.

Teen skin is incredibly sensitive and changing constantly (just like the rest of your body). Learn to take care of your skin from the beginning! The last thing you want is scarring from popping pimples and stressing your skin to the point of destruction. Have more questions? Ask #CynthiaSterrettSkinCare for help!

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