Why Exfoliate?

      You’ve heard everyone from your mother, sister, best friend, and glossy magazines talking about exfoliation.  But, do you know why we should be exfoliating?  And how much?  Keep reading and we will shine some light on the subject of exfoliation.

    Your skin has it’s own natural , physical way of losing dead skin cells from the top layers of the skin, and this process is called desquamation. Exfoliation is the term used to ‘accelerate’ or speed up’ this process by using facial exfoliating products. You can get exfoliation treatments done at home, or ones done by professionals in a salon.   

   For teenagers, skin cells regenerate new skin cells every 14 days. For adults (until the forties), skin regenerates every 30-40 days.
So you can imagine, if you exfoliate everyday, your skin will eventually become thinner,extremely sensitive, easily irritated,  more prone to sun damage, and premature ageing. And when that happens, only a dermatologist can help you.
You should aim to exfoliate once or twice a week. For those with dry or sensitive skin, it is not recommended that you exfoliate quite that much. This is because your skin is already thin, so if you exfoliate, it will only make your skin become thinner.

Exfoliation for Oily Skin
Exfoliation is excellent for those with oily skin. People with oily skin have a thicker Epidermis layer, which is prone to excessive sebum being produced and most commonly, acne. Exfoliation therefore helps to act as ‘deep cleansing’ for oily skin, removing dead skin cells, grease and impurities from deep inside the pores.
Exfoliators for oily skin usually contain a mild astringent effect (for antiseptic and tightening), with ingredients such as witch hazel, tea tree oil, calendula, or cucumber to help soothe the skin, and that can also help to lessen acne. For those with oily skin, you can exfoliate twice a week.

Exfoliation for Men
Men should love exfoliating!  Not only because it gets rid of the grease from their skin, but it also helps to soften it, giving it a better appearance. Men and women (that have oily skin) both have something in common: they have a thick Epidermis, prone to shine and acne. Exfoliating products for men are often stronger with more granules in them, because men generally have thicker skin than women.

Exfoliation for Mature Skin (40yrs+)
  As we mature, our skin cell regeneration deteriorates –– the rate of skin cells renewing and growing weakens. This means that more and more dead skin cells are unable to desquamate. Exfoliation is strongly recommended for people with mature skin as the removal of the surface dead cells has a rejuvenating effect on the skin’s appearance.

Exfoliation for Normal Skin
This is also great for people with normal skin, but choose a facial exfoliator that is mild and gentle to use. Exfoliating helps to brighten the facial appearance as dead skin cells are removed. Aim to exfoliate once or twice a week.

Exfoliation for Combination Skin
Especially for those oily areas prone to acne and blackheads, you can exfoliate these areas with a facial exfoliator. An oily T-Zone is the most common area. You can exfoliate once or twice a week, depending on you.

Exfoliation for Dry Skin
If you must exfoliate, exfoliate with a product that is gentle, and do this once every two weeks. Your skin needs all the natural sebum it can get produced to help keep your skin stay moisturized.

Make sure to talk with your esthetician about which skin type you are to get the best results!
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